The Business of Inclusivity, with Mindy Scheier, CEO of Gamut Management and Runway of Dreams

Mindy Scheier addresses the topic of inclusivity in the fashion industry and the creation of adaptive clothing for people with disabilities at Wunder 2023. Inspired by her son’s disability, she advocates for people-first language and emphasizes the significance of innovative solutions–such as magnets instead of buttons. Watch the full video to witness the debut of Victoria’s Secret’s adaptive line, as Scheier calls for greater inclusivity in fashion.

In this presentation you’ll gain insight into:
  • Inclusive market potential: Mindy Scheier's presentation highlights the business value of embracing inclusivity in the fashion industry for retail brands.
  • Language impact: She stresses the importance of using people-first language and avoiding outdated terms that can harm a brand's image.
  • Adaptive clothing opportunity: Mindy's journey illustrates the profitability of adaptive clothing for retail brands and its positive impact on individuals with disabilities.
  • Innovation for brand inclusivity: The presentation encourages retail executives to innovate for a competitive edge while championing inclusivity for both social responsibility and brand success.
Featured in this Episode:
Mindy Scheier
CEO, Gamut Management and Runway of Dreams