How to Grow Your Brand Alongside Your Customer

During the panel conversation featuring Chelsea Grayson, Vivian Chang, Rebecca Boston, and Rob Smith, the discussion revolved around the evolution of core values in response to market trends, emphasizing authenticity and consistency over trend-chasing. Clorox, represented by Vivian, highlighted the importance of reliability during the pandemic. Rebecca from True Botanicals stressed the need for genuine participation in societal conversations, while Rob, from Fluid Project, discussed their gender-free fashion brand and authentic support for LGBTQ+ initiatives. Transparency emerged as a key theme, with panelists sharing insights on the importance of transparently communicating core values and aligning investments with them. Ultimately, the conversation highlighted the significance of authenticity, transparency, and alignment with core values in building trust with consumers while maintaining profitability.

In this presentation you’ll gain insight into

  • Authenticity Reigns Supreme: In today's dynamic market, staying true to your brand's core values and mission is more crucial than ever. Authenticity is the key to connecting with consumers and building lasting trust.
  • Consistency Over Trends: Instead of constantly chasing trends, focus on maintaining a consistent brand identity. Panelists emphasized that consistency in messaging and actions can resonate more deeply with customers.
  • Transparency Matters: Transparent communication about your brand's values, practices, and initiatives is essential. Consumers appreciate brands that are open about their actions and commitments.
  • Purpose-Driven Engagement: Engaging with societal conversations and issues in a genuine and meaningful way can set your brand apart. True participation in important discussions can forge stronger connections with your audience.
  • Profitability through Values: Aligning your investments and strategies with your core values doesn't just benefit your reputation—it can also drive profitability. Consumers are more likely to support and remain loyal to brands that reflect their own values.
Featured in this Episode:
Chelsea Grayson
 CEO, Sparks Network
Rob Smith
CEO and Founder, Phluid Project & Phluid Phoundation
Vivian Chang
VP of Growth, Clorox
Rebecca Boston Sobel
Chief Marketing Officer, True Botanicals