The Definitive Guide for Text for Travel & Hospitality

As paid channels become increasingly competitive and costly, it's time to shift your focus to owned channels, especially text messaging, to maximize your reach and ROI. Learn how SMS/MMS can be used to encourage guests to book travel with triggered messaging. Discover the ease of launching text campaigns, the benefits of less saturated communication channels, and the impressive performance metrics that can transform your marketing efforts.

What You’ll Learn:
  • Boost Engagement: Strategies to drive text opt-ins and increase customer interaction.
  • Personalized Messaging: Techniques for creating hyper-personalized text messages that convert.
  • Revenue Growth: Insights on achieving significant incremental revenue through text marketing.
Stay ahead in the competitive travel industry. Download your guide now and elevate your marketing strategy to new heights!

Advertising or sharing messaging on third-party platforms is becoming more expensive, more saturated, and overall less effective. So, what’s the solution? Travel and hospitality marketers need to turn their attention to owned channels.