Retail Recovery Readiness: A CFO perspective with Patrick Lewis

After another (to put it mildly) unpredictable financial and political year, there are some promising green shoots of economic recovery looking ahead to late 2024 and beyond. But after months of operating in ‘maintenance mode’, how can retailers gear-shift back into growth mode – and position themselves to capitalise on demand in the incoming retail recovery?

Join this not-to-be-missed webinar for CFOs, featuring Patrick Lewis (former CFO of John Lewis, non-executive director of Ocado) for a fireside chat digging into:

  • Making strategic bets – how to balance risk while allowing space for growth strategies
  • Assessing returns on marketing investments – evaluating LTV and incrementality
  • Managing growth & profitability – driving cost efficiencies in the marketing mix through owned channels
  • Short term vs. long term thinking – setting the CFO agenda & establishing growth priorities

Featured in this Webinar:
Patrick Lewis
Former CFO of John Lewis